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Pain management can take many forms, but if you’re tired of just taking pills to temporarily reduce your symptoms, you could be ready for the pain management experts at Pain Medicine Consultants in Pleasant Hill, and Pleasanton, California. The interventional pain management and minimally invasive spine care physicians use a variety of techniques, including IV infusions, nerve blocks, spinal cord stimulation, and many other innovative treatments, to help you overcome pain long term. Book now through the online scheduler or by phone.

Pain Management Q & A

Do I need a referral for pain management?

Yes, patients at Pain Medicine Consultants generally start with a referral from their primary care physician. However, you might have already seen other specialists, so your referral could come from many different types of physicians. If you have PPO Insurance then you don't need a referral and can make an appointment yourself using our online booking form.

In addition to your referral, you will need several other things to get started, including:

  • Your insurance information (We will need to see your insurance cards)
  • Insurance authorizations, if required
  • Documentation of recent doctor's visits
  • Your MRI, CT scan, X-rays, nerve studies, and other imaging results
  • Details of past and current pain medication usage

A team member will let you know exactly what's required to make your first pain management visit smooth and problem-free.

What happens during the pain management consultation?

During your consultation, your doctor will review your history with you and then suggest new avenues of pain management. This can include a new oral medication, an injection like a nerve block, stem cell or PRP therapy, IV therapy, or some other type of innovative therapy.

Since every patient is completely unique, everyone experiences pain in a different way. Your doctor will work with you to discover whether you've having nerve pain, muscle pain, bone pain, organ pain, or something else so you can implement the optimal pain relief strategy.

Often, your doctor will recommend supplemental treatments, such as mood therapy, sleep aids, physical therapy, or acupuncture along with your medication or injections. For many patients, the combination treatment approach is what allows them finally to be free of pain and range-of-motion restrictions.

How often do I need to come in for pain management?

It depends on your specific situation. You might need to see your doctor monthly, or only every three months or so. If you're having an injection, you would likely return in a few weeks for your next injection. Most patients have no more than three injections over a 6-12 month period.

If you try medication changes and injections without success, you would need to continue trying new types of therapy until you get the relief you need. The Pain Medicine Consultants team offer a wide range of the most cutting-edge treatments for pain relief, and will find something that works for you.

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