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4.81/5 Star Rating
47 total reviews

Pain Medicine Consultants always appreciates feedback from our valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 47 reviews with an average rating of 4.81 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Pain Medicine Consultants below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

John M.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 04/29/24
By the time I contacted PMC las fall, my lumbar disc and facet joint pain was intractable. I recognized Dr. Longton’s name as the orthopedic specialist who successfully treated my sciatica around ten years ago. In my opinion, there is too much laxity in who gets to call themselves pain management consultants. Dr. Longton is a veteran orthopedic surgeon who not only advises pain patients about what to do next, but has the skills to follow through with the surgical procedures he recommends. To me, the ability to take responsibility and carry out a recommended procedure hugely validates this doctor’s pain management credentials. In February of this year (2024), Dr. Longton gave me an ablation that provided the first significant reduction of pain in my upper lumbar facet joints in recent years. Dr. Longton and his top-notch PAs have helped make life bearable again. They more than deserve my top recommendation.
Robert C.
3/5 Star Rating
Submitted 10/05/23
Dr. Kalra, Sarah and the office staff at Corte Madera are great! However, my dealings with Raina, or similar name spelling, has been atrocious. On the telephone, she is curt, rude, doesn’t listen to the patient, is unconcerned about correct information and is very adamant about her wrong information.
Allison S.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 07/27/23
Dr Shinamen is an incredible physician, and has helped me reduce my excruciating back pain over the years, through medication, accupuncture, RFID laser treatments and ketamine IV. Amy, NP is new to his practice, and of all of the mid-level staff members, she is The Best. Kind, efficient, holistic and thorough. She somehow knows the things that are troubling me, before I can even put my voice to it. She's a great NP and a lovely person, too. The front office staff has slowly improved, with better call back response times and more effective handling of issues. Thanks to all the staff for being my partner in helping me feel better.
John B.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 04/05/23
I’ve had back issues, primarily lumbar, for years—chronic, but not surgery-worthy. Besides, back surgery is a gamble under the best of circumstances. Better options are available. For me periodic caudal epidurals have been the answer. After having epidural injections from several providers, I went to Dr. Shinaman in 2007. That time, for lumbar facet injections. Somewhat helpful, but Dr. Shinaman’s recommendation going forward, was caudals. I have had a number of successful ones since then. But Dr. Shinaman is not focused solely on injections. He has incorporated meditation, stretching/strengthening exercises, dietary recommendation, acupuncture, trigger-point injections, guided ketamine therapy, and radio-frequency ablation into my treatment regimen. To sum up: I had my first lumbar spasm in 1983, at age 35; first epidural in 1998, from a Peninsula physiatrist. It was helpful, but I moved to the East Bay the following year. I had injections from two other providers, but results were not favorable. I have been treated by Dr. Shinaman, of Pain Medicine Consultants, for 16 years. I’m now 75 and am still walking, hiking, and biking.
Rob L.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 03/31/23
Dr. Shinaman significantly reduced my neck pain so much so I decided to hold off on scheduling surgery. He listened to where I was having pain and developed a very creative/innovative monthly treatment plan along with prescribing necessary daily medications. As a result, my pain reduced to a manageable level and my quality of life has much improved. I would highly recommend Dr. Richard Shinaman and the Pain Medicine Consultant team!
Monia S.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 04/28/22
At PMC where I have been a patient for the past 15 years, Today, April 28, 2022, I want to say Thank you, and much more, to Beth McPhee, PA, who I have been a patient of since 2015, for monthly appointments, and in between for urgent appointments, with Beth. Beth always listens to me, and takes the necessary time, and always diagnosis’s and provides the needed treatments, for My pain. Beth is extremely professional, courteous, and ultimately, she really cares, and I feel she takes the time, so that I feel that, “I am heard”. I can’t thank Beth McPhee, at PMC, enough, for taking the time, to always schedule treatments for me, at The right time I need help. Beth has provided me so much relief, with innovative treatments, and follow ups. Thank You Very Much Beth McPhee, PA
Greg D.
1/5 Star Rating
Submitted 03/09/22
I LOVE Dr. Shinaman and the immediate people he works with. He/they LITERALLY changed my life for the better and a 180 degree turn. I am nearly pain free completely because of HIM. Very smart and VERY compassionate. I’ve never had a better doctor in my 54 year life. However, it is near IMPOSSIBLE to get anyone to answer a call at Pleasant Hill office and it’s been like this for years. LITERALLY, 9/10 out of calls there are answered by the “service”. Also, no way to talk with anyone when something comes up. INCREDIBLE care from Dr. Shinaman, and I not a pill mill. The front desk/answering service sucks.
Florence M.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 02/18/22
Brooke (Dr Longton's PA) was absolutely amazing. She was so professional and so kind to my mom. She listened and she certainly cared. Her empathy and desire to help was greatly appreciated. She went above and beyond and we are so appreciative.
Linda B.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 09/02/21
Dr. Longton is a wonderful, professional, doctor. He addresses everything in a timely manner, has helped me so much over the years with post spinal cord tumor pain, and now cancer pain. He also has a great sense of humor. A good laugh is always a pain reliever! I’m really grateful for everything that he’s helped me with……
Judy F.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 08/31/20
Dr. Shinamen has been my doctor for 2 yrs. He is very caring,Intelligent and handles nerve pain and joint pain expertly. I would not be mobile if he wasn’t involved in my care.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 12/14/19
I am 81 years old and I am a patient of Dr. Kalra for over 8 years. I went in for “repairs” again yesterday as I need regular “tune-ups” because of my back problems. I would like to share with you the story of my first “tune-up”. I had to go to my granddaughter’s wedding but I had a terrible bout of pain. I went to Dr. Kalra and he said that a day after my treatment, I would be able to dance at her wedding. Indeed, I did dance at the wedding and everyone was thrilled. I had a treatment with Dr. Kalra yesterday and I am feeling better today which makes me want to say “Thank you Dr. Kalra for your miraculous skills and excellent bedside manner.” I also want to thank the clinic staff for their great and professional work.
Chery J.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 08/15/19
I had been having lower back pain for over a year. I had two facet injections so we could proceed with nerve ablation. The procedure worked and I've been much more comfortable and not really taking an opioid anymore. The fibromyalgia continues to impact my life, hopefully DR. Shinamin can help me with the iv infusion ketamine. I'd like to get back to normal as much as possible. I'm very happy with the providers and office staff!
Greg D.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 05/28/19
Dr. Shinaman and EVERYONE at PMC are incredible caregivers. Dr. Shinaman is a master of pain reduction WITHOUT using opioids. Incredible in this day and age. In addition, the Ketamine infusions have done wonders with my pain from daily cluster migraines. I don’t wake up with them anymore and even bad ones aren’t nearly as bad as before. I’m so lucky to have him and the people there. You owe it to yourself to meet with Dr. Shinaman!
Lori S.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 04/06/19
Dr Kalra is a very caring, compassionate Doctor that wants to help you thrive in life and be your most normal and will try many different way to help you! I don’t feel like he will give up on me as I feel with many others I have experienced !
Begonia K.
4/5 Star Rating
Submitted 04/06/19
Dr Kalra was very nice and very professional. Answered all my questions. Most of all, he has “ people’s skills “.
Thomas B.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 04/05/19
From the first time I saw Dr. Kalra he started helping me with my neck and my back. I have been with him for years and he has worked wonders keeping me out of pain. The Man is a Great Doctor. If you have pain I recommend having a talk with Dr. Kalra.
Michelle .
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 04/05/19
Dr Kalra has been my PMG Doctor for longer than I can remember! He’s seen me through some pretty tough times over the last 10+ years not only physically but mentally as well. After 45 years of surgeries and procedures I am pain medication free which includes no Tylenol or Advil! I now see Dr Kalra monthly to stay proactive. My accomplishment was possible by his support, doing water excersize classes at the YMCA 4 times a week, Mindfulness and Dr Kalra’s expertise in PMG his ability to treat the pain in my arm that was stemming from neck to which he successfully treated with a Bilateral radiofrequency ablation. His ability to treat in office with trigger point injections and Botox injections often saves me! I’m also a frequent visitor to the Surgery Center downstairs and the way Dr. Kalra works with the staff there is phenomenal, they always put me ease and my treatments are done without pain medication! For me its been 2 Years and 8 months without pain medication! That’s a successful Doctor in my eyes! Thank You Dr. Kalra
Laura G.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 04/05/19
Meds handled for trip abroad.
Larry O.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 04/05/19
The Doctors and PAs are very skilled and try to be helpful with new protocols like the NEVRO hf 10 procedure to reduce chronic pain.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 04/04/19
I received a Lidocaine injection in my neck hoping to break up the knots in my neck muscle. Dr. Kalra was very eager to find a way to relieve this pain I have had for over 2 years from surgery for cervical stenosis. I will begin Physical Therapy next week.