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When chronic pain interferes with your ability to work or enjoy your personal life, you may benefit from the temporary healing opportunity a nerve block offers. At Pain Medicine Consultants, with offices in Pleasant Hill, Pleasanton, and Corte Madera, California, the pain management experts offer nerve blocks as a strategy for both short- and long-term pain relief. Stop letting pain from sciatica, arthritis, and even migraines disrupt your life by learning more about the benefits of nerve blocks. Schedule an appointment today online or by calling the office closest to you.

Nerve Blocks Q & A

What is a nerve block?

A nerve block is an injection that can reduce inflammation around your nerve, disrupting the pain signal that travels back to your brain.

The injection contains an anti-inflammatory medicine along with an anesthetic, which your Pain Medicine Consultants provider injects into a certain nerve or a group of nerves to eliminate chronic pain.

Why do I need a nerve block?

If you’re in need of temporary pain relief from a chronic condition, your Pain Medicine Consultants provider may suggest a nerve block. By reducing pain signals in the nerve, the injection gives damaged nerves time to heal without being constantly irritated or inflamed.

Common conditions that may benefit from a nerve block include:

  • Arthritis
  • Sciatica
  • Migraines
  • Herniated discs
  • Chronic regional pain syndrome

You may also need a nerve block if you have unexplained, chronic pain that needs a diagnosis. Your provider may administer a nerve block then monitor your response to the treatment to determine the source of your pain.

What happens during a nerve block?

Your Pain Medicine Consultants provider uses a small needle to deliver the medications into the nerve or nerves. To ensure they inject the right nerve, your provider may use imaging technology, such as a CT scan or X-ray, to guide the needle into place.

Once the medications make contact with your nerves, the pain receptors begin to shut down, significantly reducing your pain immediately.

The procedure only lasts a few minutes, but you’ll need to rest for up to 30 minutes after the injection to allow the medication to work on your nerves. This time also gives your provider an opportunity to monitor you for any side effects before you go home to rest.

How long does a nerve block last?

Typically, nerve blocks are useful in achieving immediate pain relief on a temporary basis. This relief can last up to two weeks, depending on the location of the nerves and your level of pain before the injection.

As your body absorbs more of the medication, your pain can return. Your provider may create a long-term treatment plan, administering injections on a routine basis to help you manage severe, chronic pain.

To find out if a nerve block is right for you, schedule an appointment online or by phone with the experts at Pain Medicine Consultants today. The practice serves those in Pleasant Hill, Pleasanton, and Marin, California.