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Attention Prospective New Patients:

The doctors of Pain Medicine Consultants want to be able to help you with your pain. We want to offer you all the tools that we have available to help you to improve and get better. We have decided, however, that we are not accepting any new patients for high dose controlled substance prescribing or for the “weaning” of high doses of medications. We recommend that patients on high doses of medications consider medication detoxification or be treated at a clinic where higher doses of medications are prescribed.

Saphanous and Geniculate Nerve Blocks for Relief of Chronic Knee Pain

Richard C. Shinaman, MD

Recent advances in the treatment of chronic knee pain have resulted in a novel technique for treating chronic pain in the knee related to almost any cause. More and more research is showing that things like arthroscopic surgery and total joint replacements does not always produce pain relief or long-term success. This new technique can be used for patients before or after surgery. Many recreational and professional athletes have undergone the procedure with great success.

Knee Nerve Block Handout

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