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A pain clinic should be a place where you can go to get not just immediate relief, but lasting relief for chronic conditions. At Pain Medicine Consultants, the leading minimally invasive spine care, regenerative medicine specialist, and interventional pain management facility in Northern California, you’ll get the relief you need both now and for the long term. Use the online appointment tool or call to schedule your visit at the Pleasant Hill, Pleasanton, or Corte Madera, California, location now.

Pain Clinic Q & A

When do I need to go to a pain clinic?

Your primary care physician or specialist will likely recommend a pain management clinic if your current pain solutions aren't sufficient or if you're looking for a longer-term answer to your pain. For example, if you had a sports injury that didn't heal as quickly or as efficiently as expected, and you still need pain control long after the standard healing time, you could need the expertise of a pain clinic.

Many patients who come to a pain clinic are tired of using oral medication as their only solution for pain. Although oral pain medication can be quite effective, it could lose some of that effectiveness over time as your body grows accustomed to it.

This, in turn, can mean that you need to take increasing amounts just to get the needed pain relief. If you're tired of continual dosage increases and don't want to rely on medication forever, you can choose a pain clinic to help you find a better path to pain relief.

Do I need a referral to become a pain clinic patient?

Most patients at Pain Medicine Consultants have a referral from their primary care physician. If you get your current pain management from your primary care doctor, they can give you a referral to the Pain Medicine Consultants pain clinic. If you have PPO Insurance then you don't need a referral and can make an appointment yourself using our online booking form.

You will need the following things before your first appointment:

  • Your insurance information (We will need to see your insurance card)
  • Authorizations from your insurance company
  • Documentation of your recent medical care
  • Recent imaging results (MRI, CT scan, X-rays, nerve studies)
  • List of all your current and past pain medications and dosages

Speak to a Pain Medicine Consultants team member to ensure that everything's in place for your upcoming appointment.

What can I expect during my pain clinic visits?

During your initial pain clinic visit, you'll discuss your pain management needs with your doctor. Your doctor will suggest which new approach might work best for you and then helps you implement that.

You could receive a new medication or schedule an injection or another type of treatment depending on your needs. Your doctor can also recommend mood therapy, sleep aids, physical therapy, acupuncture, or other supportive treatments.

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