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Non Surgical Hair Restoration Therapy

Our physician supervised hair restoration program ensures maximal hair regrowth in a medically safe environment. RestorationPlusMD, as the name implies, is an effective hair restoration program that is MD led. The program consists of 4 steps, that together, maximize hair regrowth and give patients the best chance of regrowing hair while following a safe and proven protocol, under the supervision of an expert doctor, in a medical setting.


Step 1:

Platelet Rich Plasma Injections (PRP)
The first step is to inject your Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) into the scalp, in order to begin the rejuvenation process. This heals the hair follicles from the root and thickens the hairs growing from them.

Step 2:

Red Light Therapy
We follow up the PRP injections with 30 minutes every other day of red light therapy using the iRestore headset. Red light therapy has been shown to improve tissue healing after the injections as well as stimulate additional hair growth. This, in combination with the PRP therapy, is a double-stack therapy that provides the optimal conditions to promote maximal hair regrowth.

Step 3:

In addition to PRP injections and red light therapy, we ensure that your body has all of the important nutrients it needs to regrow hair. This includes a tried and tested regimen of the highest quality medical supplements that will ensure your body is primed to rejuvenate and regrow hair at the maximum rate possible.

Step 4:

The final addition is a good quality biotin shampoo. We offer a high quality shampoo that we recommend, or you can purchase your own.

For best results, we recommend 3 rounds of therapy with the PRP injections spaced every 2 months.

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*Please note that this therapy is most effective for persons with thinning hair. It can not regrow hair from dead follicles. The best way to tell if this therapy will be effective for you is to understand the following: If your scalp is completely shiny, without stubble or any thinning hair, then this therapy will likely not regrow hair in that area. If your scalp has thinning hair and is not shiny, then this therapy has a good chance of being able to reactivate those follicles and regrow more and thicker hair in that area.

We always look at your scalp during your initial consultation, before therapy, to let you know if this therapy is a good fit for you or not. We only offer this therapy to patients who have a realistic chance of seeing positive results.