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The doctors at Pain Medicine Consultants are on the cutting edge of innovative treatments to help our patients.

In 2015, Pain Medicine Consultants is collaborating with WellBrain on the use of their proprietary mindfulness digital therapeutic.

Sound very techie?

It is simple. While you wait for you doctor, you may have the opportunity to utilize PainBrain's meditation station to help alleviate your pain. The medical assistant will provide you with an iPad where you will answer some helpful questions for your doctor that will help guide your treatment. Immediately afterwards, you may have the opportunity to participate in Brainwave guided meditation, all while you wait for your doctor. Meditation has been shown to be beneficial for patients with chronic pain. However, most folks do not know how to meditate. So your doctors at PMC in collaboration with WellBrain will show you how.

With WellBrain's meditation station, meditation is easy and supervised by your physician. The team at WellBrain lived in Dharmsala, India and studied the monks brainwaves for years. With their data, we can now track to see how you actually do in meditation and how you compare to the monks.

In fact, on the team's most recent trip to Dharamsala, India in November 2014 to study the brainwaves of the monks, The Chief Medical Officer of the Dalai Lama thought WellBrain would be a helpful tool for monks persecuted by Chinese torture.

If the Dalai Lama's team thinks it may help, it may likely help you.

The power of the mind! Ask our staff for more information on your next visit!

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