4 Solutions to Migraine Pain

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Migraines can cripple your ability to function. These intense headaches can leave you numb, sitting in a dark room, unable to do anything. Are you a migraine sufferer? Then you know how painful they are. What you might not know is how many people experience migraines.

Migraines are common, more so than diabetes. In fact, a migraine is the third most common disease in the world. Did you think you were alone? You’re not.

Migraines can last hours, sometimes even days. Stress, allergies, and tension pain can all trigger migraines. Do you know what else can trigger them? Nothing at all. Some people experience severe attacks out of nowhere.

Oral migraine medication can help treat symptoms. But unfortunately, not everyone experiences relief from over-the-counter pills. Which is why other treatments exist to stop migraines in their tracks.

At Pain Medicine Consultants, we have several ways to help manage your migraine pain. Here are four solutions:

Magnesium IV infusions

Magnesium IV infusions can relieve both chronic and acute migraine pain. They’re especially effective when you’re experiencing a severe migraine. In no time, they provide almost immediate relief. The infusions, themselves, only take about 15 minutes. We recommend scheduling regular infusions to help manage migraine pain long-term.

BOTOX® injections

Do you have migraines at least 15 days of each month? You might qualify as a chronic migraine sufferer. Which means you're eligible for BOTOX® migraine treatments. How does it work? BOTOX® injects into the pain fibers causing your migraines. Once inside, it blocks the release of migraine causing chemicals to relieve pain.


Are your migraines triggered by stress or anxiety? Biofeedback might be the best option for you. It teaches you how to control your body’s response to triggers. During this treatment, you're connected to sensors. These sensors provide feedback on your body. So you can institute new practices to better manage your migraines.

Occipital nerve blocks

Does your pain start in your neck or the back of your head? Then you should consider nerve blocks. Nerve blocks contain an aesthetic and anti-inflammatory steroid. It’s injected into the nerves to reduce inflammation and irritation. Your pain should go away immediately after the procedure. And its effects can last weeks, if not months.

At Pain Medicine Consultants, we know what you want. To find relief and prevent pain from starting. We can help. You don’t have to live in pain anymore. Call one of our four offices or book an appointment online today.

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