Patient Testimonials

"Dr Shinaman is one of the most caring and competent physicians around.  One goes to a pain MD because he/she is an expert in addressing pain management.  Pain management includes many components including medication IF NECESSARY.  I have seen him for a number of years for my knees and shoulders.  He manages my needs using many different modalities, including physiotherapy, selective nerve blocks, trigger point injections, and  acupuncture.  Because of him,  I was able to postpone my knee replacement for 5 years and was able to continue to do spinning classes, Pilates and walk my dogs.  He is kind and really cares about his patients and really  wants  to help them.   I know this as I worked with him long before my joints began to fall apart.  I watched how he treated his patients, how he treated those of us who worked with him in a medical  and how other MD's interacted with him.   He truly is one of the very best and my joints and I are eternally grateful." - Janet S.

"Dr. Shinaman gave me my life back!  I spent four agonizing years suffering from intense, chronic back pain, and I was told by another doctor that I suffered from severe disc degeneration and I would be crippled for life.  I was in my 30s and couldn't walk more than a few city blocks, so the other doctor just gave me drugs and sent me on my way.

Dr. Shinaman had a radically different assessment.  He pulled up my MRI and showed me exactly what was wrong with my back and how he planned to treat it.  He took the time to listen to my concerns and answer all my questions. Even though he was really busy that day, and he treated me with respect and dignity... and I never felt rushed.

After a series of facet and trigger-point injections, I can walk for MILES with virtually no pain!  The only medication I take is a mild anti-inflammatory (I'm 100% narcotic free!).  He also recommended an excellent physical therapist to treat pain in my feet and knees (I have 10 screws in my feet from a surgery I had 8 years ago).

If you want to see a talented, compassionate, intelligent doctor who really cares about his patients' well being and will do everything within his power to make your life pain free, this is the guy.

I imagine that pain is a complicated thing to treat because there are so many possible root causes.  I can't guarantee everyone will experience the kind of remarkable turnaround I experienced, but if you're suffering from chronic pain... you owe it to yourself to see Dr. Shinaman.  My podiatrist recommended him and the only regret I have is that I didn't call him soon enough." - Matt M.

"Dr Coughlan: The biopuncture treatments I had relieved the stabbing, stinging, pain that had all but paralyzed me. Every step was excruciating and I did not want to leave my house most days. This had gone on for 12 years … it’s been 6 months since my initial treatments with you for my feet pain.  I think the best thing I can tell you is that I am now Crossfitting.  That’s how much better my feet are. I just discovered this past weekend that I can jog again as well … In the morning, I go up 8 flights of stairs and in the evening, I go down 8 flights of stairs. No pain, and I’m ecstatic to do this 5 days a week. I Crossfit 3x days a week trying to push it to 4 days a week. And now that I can jog again, I can add that in as well … my life is better by leaps and bounds. I can’t tell you enough how happy I am to have found you at Pain Medicine Consultants." - M.H.

“I became disabled in 2003. At that time I felt I would never be able to work again or have a normal life. Dr. Longton has worked with me and changed my opportunity in life !!!!!” - Donald Pederson, former Oakland Raider.

Sadly, my husband passed away. I want to express my deepest thanks to Dr. Longton and Dr. Kalra for all their efforts to alleviate his pain. Dr. Longton and Dr. Kalra helped to mitigate the effects of cancer and to allow my husband, even if only for a brief time, to feel he could enjoy some time with his family as himself. Your continued treatment at the hospice was so appreciated, and I will always remain grateful that you and Dr. Kalra were his physicians.

“Dr. Kalra, Thank you for giving me my life back!” - J.M.

“Dr. Longton [has taken] very good care of me these last two years. I also want to thank your staff that exceed in making me look forward to my appointments. Lindsay is priceless!” - J.E.

“Thank you for going to bat for me… The spinal stimulator has helped me a lot!” - M.C.

“The entire staff, especially Dr. Shinaman and Nancy, were very professional and affable and this made dealing with a complex issue a bit easier. Thanks again for your wonderful care!” - R.Z.

“Thank you so much, Dr. Shinaman, for your marvelous expertise and encouragement. … the relief from the severe pain which has plagued me throughout these six months is a blessing and I have you to thank for that.” - V.V.

“Dr. Longton, the expertise and the staff that you have and that work synergistically with you are wonderful! Happy Days, Happy Patient” - B.W.

“Dr. Kalra: We realize that you made a special effort to fit [D.B.] in and we so appreciate it. The second shot was an ingenious move!” - S.B., D.B., A.B.

“Dr. Longton: You are truly a compassionate physician which are, unfortunately, very few these days. I can’t say thank you enough.” - D.K.

“Dr. Shinaman: I remember the extraordinary care and comfort you gave to [E.B.] and our whole family. You went above and beyond to take away her pain. You were creative when we were faced with obstacles. You were always available, attentive and caring… Thank you for being flexible and creative. Thank you for being caring and supportive. Thank you for taking away her pain. The world needs more doctors like you.” - A.B.

Pain Doctors Bay Area California
Pain Doctors Bay Area California
Pain Doctors Bay Area California
Pain Doctors Bay Area California
Pain Doctors Bay Area California
Pain Doctors Bay Area California
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