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Pain Treatment & Management

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PMC is proud to introduce Harvard trained physician Dr. Edgar Celis M.D.

Edgar Celis, M.D.PMC is proud to introduce Harvard trained physician Dr. Edgar Celis M.D. as the latest addition to the Pain Medicine Consultants team. He just opened our NEW San Francisco location. No need to wait, he is now taking new appointments. Make An Appointment instantly - Click Here

PMC has moved. On April, 2014, Pain Medicine Consultants' Walnut Creek office moved to a brand new location in Pleasant Hill. This new, larger office allows us to reduce wait times both in the office and for getting new appointments. We are very excited for the entire PMC community to experience the new office with us soon!

Employee of the Month

We are proud to announce Mandeep Singh as our Employee of the Month!

Employee of the month

As of April 1st, 2014, our new main office
will be located at:

2250 Morello Ave
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

Leadership & Conferences

Spring 2014 -- Napa, California: Pain Medicine Consultants is a lead organizer for Northern's California's premier Orthopedics & Spine Worker's Compensation Conference, which will be held this Spring. We are fully booked with excellent and knowledgable speakers for this year! However, if you are interested in participating or sponsoring next year's conference, please email:

Dr Richard Shinaman is a key author of an article on Functional MRI. Pain Medicine Consultants' doctors are leaders in new technology and cutting edge research to ensure their patients always continue to receive the best treatments available.

Northern California’s Premier Minimally-Invasive Spine Specialists

Pain Medicine Consultants is a local center of excellence in comprehensive pain medicine and minimally invasive spine care. We provide board-certified specialty care in the San Francisco bay area for all types of acute and chronic pain related conditions. We rely on a sophisticated combination of medications, interventional procedures, and wellness-based integrative techniques to insure that you ultimately are able to experience the maximum amount of long-term pain relief and maximal daily function.

Chronic pain has an insidious ability to wreak havoc on a person’s life if not treated promptly. Being in pain for a large percentage of the time causes people to stop doing things they want to do and stop relating to their loved ones in a rewarding fashion. Chronic pain can become the sole focus of a person’s life. If severe and unchecked, this process results in a downward spiral that ultimately can cause a person to have difficulty experiencing a meaningful life.

The specialty of pain medicine has a lot to offer most people when administered by compassionate and personable doctors.We specialize in a wide range of treatments including minimally invasive spine care, ultrasound guided joint injections and nerve blocks, minimally invasive lumbar decompression, sports injury recovery, complicated medication management, and integrative care options.

We believe it is important to be evaluated and treated promptly by a doctor who has significant expertise, which is focused specifically in the pain medicine field. Pain Medicine Consultants is the only regional pain specialty practice whose physicians have both trained at internationally renowned universities (Stanford, Harvard, and the Mayo Clinic) and have been awarded double board certifications by the ABMS.

We will develop and coordinate an individual treatment program for your pain, with the goal of improving your function and alleviating your pain. Our multidisciplinary and compassionate approach towards your treatment ensures that you will have the best chance to achieve both adequate pain relief and a return to full function in your life. We look forward to having you as our patient and promise to do our best to help you get back to the life you want to live.

We are interested and dedicated to treating patients in true pain and with other debilitating conditions. If you are such a patient, and are committed to working to get better, we are prepared to help you. If you have other intentions in mind, do not come to our practice. We are strongly opposed to any type of drug abuse and diversion and work hard to eliminate this possibility from our practice, and we will not hesitate to alert law enforcement in appropriate circumstances if we discover conduct in violation of law.

Naturopathic medicine is a form of healthcare that emphasizes prevention and the use of natural therapeutics. Naturopathic medicine focuses on a whole-systems approach to healthcare where an individual's health is viewed as a sum of their total parts versus a symptom of their disease. Physical, mental, and emotional aspects of health are addressed to help the body recover and restore proper function.

Dr Jamie Coughlan, ND, specializes in Biopuncture: the injection of biological products into specific locations of the body. The natural ingredients in Biopuncture contain plant and mineral extracts that decrease pain and improve joint function by modulating the inflammatory response within muscle, nerve, joint, and connective tissue by inhibiting chemical messengers that create the inflammation cascade.

Click here to learn more about Naturopathic Medicine and Treatments

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